The party Grip-O is an acrylic wine cooler with 8 suction feet, works the same way as smaller Grip-Os and comes with a tray to hold 4 wine/champagne glasses (Plastic Champagne glasses not included) When the Grip-O is stuck down the Party Tray can then be used.


The Grip-O is a large bottle holder and insulator with 8 suction feet designed to stick to smooth surfaces such as fibreglass gelcoat, hot tubs, plexiglass, glass, metal or any smooth non-porous surface. For best results, make sure surface is clean. Give the Grip-O a push down to make it stick! To remove pull sideways from the top. Grip-O is not responsible for broken bottles, spillages or any accidents resulting in the misuse of the Grip-O. Do not use this product for purposes other than the manufacturer intended. Clean with damp cloth only. Do not insert hot drinks. Warning this is not a toy: The Grip-O contains small parts which, if detached, may pose a choking hazard to children.

The glass holder simply slips over the top of the Party Grip-O to hold 4 stem glasses. Keeps your Champagne/wine bottle cool and up to 4 glasses secure.

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Weight1 kg